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QLooking for a new phone from Sprint!! HELP!?

Hey, I have Sprint and I'm finally getting rid of my beat up Nexus S. I've been looking at the Samsung Epic Touch 4G, but isn't that phone a bit old? I used to have AT&T and I loved my iPhone 4, so I'm thinking about going with the iPhone 4S as well... is there any phone I'm overlooking? And what are your thoughts on the Epic Touch 4G vs. the iPhone 4S?

I've also been looking at the Evo 3D too. What are your thoughts on that?

Lastly, I've experienced WAYYYY to many 3G / 4G problems with my Nexus S (3G &4G dropping in certain parts of neighborhoods etc.) and I was wondering if this problem would persist with the Epic Touch 4G.

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Looking for a new phone from Sprint!! HELP!?

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