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Macbook repair related questions

  • 1Macbook repair

    Can you tell me where  I can find best  Macbook repair  ?

  • 2Where can I find Macbook pro repair?

    Where can I find Macbook pro repair?

  • 3Need to find Macbook repair Kitchener!

    Need to find Macbook repair Kitchener!

  • 4Need PC repair!

    Need PC repair!

  • 5Galaxy Tab or MacBook Pro ?

    i love the laptop but than i want a galaxy tab 10.1 which dud be better ? i use it for school , personal use and sky ping with friends and i love the photo booth on the macbook but the galaxy tab doesn't have it :/ help me decide plz !

  • 6How is it that I can use my 3G through my phone to my Macbook?

    I have no hotspot tethering enabled on my Samsung Galaxy S3 . However, when I connect my phone to the computer with the USB cable that has the option of using the Internet via Modem System Preferences as Samsung . It is assumed that this is possible ? I have no hotspot or tethering enabled for my phone. Is this cost me extra? If you've done this before, please let me know !

  • 7Should I buy a Macbook or a tablet?

    I was thinking about getting a Macbook but I was thinking about upgrading to a Tablet. Cause I do not do much but email and surf the internet. And watch movies I needed advice cause I really do not like to carry computers around with me. And I thought I would get a tablet pc or android tablet instead of a full blown notebook. I want something easy to handle and carry and if I have to get online something that does not have alot of baggage. this question for the computer guru's

  • 8Cracked Evo 3D screen repair?

    My evo 3D phone screen cracked a little from the corner. the screen touch function works perfectly still so assume the crack didn't get too far if that make sense. How much would it cost to repair? How much would sprint charge me? Is there another place I could go to that would do it cheaper?

  • 9Could I repair a Samsung Galaxy Ace myself?

    The screen of my Samsung Galaxy Ace smashed, the phone still works like normal, it's just the screen doesn't look great. I was wondering whether if I bought a screen (how much would a new screen cost) whether I could replace the screen myself without too much hassle. Or whether it would be cheaper and quicker to just send it away to be fixed. If you can please use British Pounds (£) if you can, I am British.

  • 10How do I connect my Android phone to my Macbook?

    So , two days ago I got the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and tried to connect it to my Macbook today to put music and pictures on it. Nothing appears on the desktop or a window is not raised or anything. Help ? How do I connect things to put in my new phone ? ? ?

  • 11How to connect a galaxy tablet to a macbook?

    So I got a Samsung Galaxy tablet 8.9, how can I move files over, convert songs/movies etc over to it? Though before i do even get my macbook to open it? I connected the USB and it hasn't done anything.

  • 12How do you put music on the Samsung Galaxy S3 from a MacBook Pro?

    I know it's that thing Kies , but it seems quite difficult . Any alternative?