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I need urgent bespoke php developer! related questions

  • 1I need urgent bespoke php developer!

    I need urgent bespoke php developer!

  • 2Is it hard to keep up with tech as a software developer/web developer etc?

    1)As a software developer/web developer is it difficult or stressful to keep up with technological changes? 2) How much of your own time do you devote to updating your skills? Do you lack much free time? 3)Does your work feel meaningful? I suppose this answers depends on the company you are working for. Not sure if this is posted in the right place but I'll give it a go. Thanks in advance.  

  • 3Mobile: Urgent help is required.........?

    I am having Samsung galaxy ace , android mobile and the problem is that my wifi is not connecting to the network , the network signal is good but it is still not connecting. How can i change the security encryption from WAP/WPA2 PSK to TKIP and i do not see any option of TKIP. Thanks in advance.

  • 4Urgent Samsung Galaxy Help?

    I want to customize the home screen and dock icons on my samsung galaxy s3 as I have it .. eg I want to replace the Internet icon on the dock with google chrome . I tried holding down the Internet icon out of the dock but does nothing ! not even let me move! It really bothers me and if you could help me that would be great! thanks :)

  • 5Big phone problem urgent help?

    So I have a samsung galaxy mini phone , and when I was in the car accident I dropped to one side, but that's all , just a little beat , now has zero inside and white, its weird the display shows a crack and everything is white , that does not really have a crack when I feel this way ? How I can fix it if my mom finds out she's gona kill me

  • 6Problem with my galaxy tab please help urgent?

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Android 2.2 was working fine until last night . I just installed fifa 10 and then first the screen would not turn off automatically even if the timeout of the screen is 30 seconds . Next, the battery of my account is 13% and has been about 13 hours that have been charging and the battery is still 13 % any suggestions would help Please try to get some pinch or something like thanx ! (sorry for my bad english ..... if any)


    I AM in pakistan i want to buy buy a gadget on my result please help me out. i wana use it for 1Gaming.2videos.3MUsic .4customization.5Texting.6calling. ipad:no warranty in pakistan.price for 3g 39k-44k samsung.yea warranty is available.36k-40k

  • 8Which is the best phone between 10 - 15000 rupees? urgent!!!!!?

  • 9I've just received my Samsung Galaxy S2 (If you have one please read this and help me URGENT)?

    When I received (which arrived in the post) in the form of the box that says " if the seal is broken do not accept ' , so I called the phone company to see that everything was okay and I said that was fine , only e open to check that only the phone is inside a bomb or drugs or anything. I left fully charge and only became present and already has ' sims 3 ' , ' monopoly ' and' my city TBloxx ' installed on the phone . , is this normal ? , or you believe that someone has interfered with him ? everything was in its original packaging and all, but these seem strange applications the phone comes with . If you have one or know someone with one, please help. Thanks .

  • 10I've just received my Samsung Galaxy S2 (If you have one please read this and help me URGENT)?

    When i received it (it came in the post) the tab on the box saying 'if seal is broken do not accept' so we rang up the phone company to see i it was okay and they said it was fine just the couriers open it to check that only the phone is inside not a bomb or drugs or anything. I left it to charge fully and just turned it on now and it already has 'sims 3', 'monopoly' and 'TBloxx my city' installed onto the phone. Is that normal? or do you think someone has tampered with it? it was all in the original packaging and everything but these seem weird apps for the phone to come with. If you have one or know of anyone with one, please help. Thank you.

  • 11I m Going to Buy Sony xperia P,Please Tell Me Is That Good Phone???ITS URGENT>>>>?

    I m goingto buy Sony xperia P after 30 minutes, Please Suggest me, Is that this phone good, i need 1gb Ram in my 25k budget...So,is i m doing ok? Thanx in advance... sorry for my bad english

  • 12Help! Urgent. Samsung Galaxy Ace keeps restarting and not rebooting!?

    Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy ace, and it keeps on restarting, I have found out that I could press the Up volume + power on button + main button. It gives me a recovery option, and I have tried to reboot it many times but it still restarts a lot. Should I delete the everything- an option on the recovery system. Will this allow me to go back to normal? Also, I have taken my sim and battery out because I'm worried it will loose all data, would I need to put them back in? Please help. Thanks.