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  • For a college student, Smartphone or Tablet ?

    I'm into college soon, &i wanted a new gadget, so I was wondering what would be better for me as a student: a new smartphone or a tablet, &specifically: A Samsung Galaxy SII or Samsung Tab 10.1 ? If you got a better choice other than those &the Ipad, i'd appreciate ur help. Thanks !!

  • Is it possible to upgrade Android OS on a smart phone?

    I'm planning to buy a smartphone - HTC Desire or SAMSUNG Galaxy S with Android 2.2. However I heard there is a new version of Android that will released later this year to the marked (version 3.0). If I buy a phone now, is it possible to upgrade the OS later? Or is it suggested that I wait for sometime. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • Are there any touch phones which has touch sensitivity like iphone 4 ?

    I mean any android phone. Apple even has the smooth gliding technology. Many android phones do not have that. What is that technology? How could apple alone have that even after so many years of the touch phone advent?

  • Is it really the Iphone 5 the best phone? No? Then... what phone is the best?

    In a month I will buy a smart phone, what should I get?

  • What should i get a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 or a Nexus 7?

    I just had my birthday and with the money i made i can buy either a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 or a Nexus 7. I really want the right choice because usually when i guess i end up getting the wrong one.

  • Will MetroPCS Get The Galaxy Nexus????

    i Reaad In A Article Somewhere That They Were

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Vs. Iphone 4s and Ipad 2/3?

    What can i buy among the Samsung Galaxy Note,Iphone 4s and Ipad 2/3..Which is the best???

  • Samsung Galaxy s2 vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation XL vs Samsung Nexus Prime?

    Samsung Galaxy s2 vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation XL vs Samsung Nexus Prime

  • Is the iPhone 5 worth the price compared to phones like HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 etc?

  • Can I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a cell phone?

    If I insert my AT&T sim card into the Samsung galaxy, will i be able to make calls, send texts, etc from my number? My phone is broken and I really want a tablet, so i figured this would be a good compromise.

  • Which one to go ahead with? samsung galaxy tab or ipad2?

    Which one is better for me, i want to have some movie watching, net surfing, n some basic office operations. i think dat ipad is too complicated with its itunes softwares etc.... wat ipad offers more than tab? plz let me know!

  • Which phone would you use?

    Currently, I have this samsung Intensity. Here are some images of it: Now, I thinking to use a smartphone, so I bought on ebay this samsung i760: Here is some images: Should I stay with my current boring phone or use the smartphone which has windows mobile on it, plus wifi so I don't need a data plan :) But in my opinion, it is a little big. What do you think?

  • Should i get a Samsung galaxy S or samsung galaxy TAB or HTC desire HD or HTC HD7?

    another question...witch one has the best screen-colour and video quality

  • Which Mobile is best?

    Now i want buy a new mobile... But iam so confusing which is best mobile... I have select 3 which, which is the best mobile and give me for why this is the best... A) Samsung Galaxy Nexus B)Iphone 4S C)Samsung Galaxy S2 --------------------------------------… And one more doubt... Samsung galaxy nexus has android update for life time or only upto limited versions..

  • How to get android 2.2 froyo on samsung galaxy s ?

    I recently got my samsung galaxy s(7/12/10) and it is running on the firmware android 2.1 and i was just wondering how to get the new upgrade to 2.2. I I have tried kies but it says that I have the latest version even though I have 2.1 and the newest is 2.2 Im from the UK if that makes a difference

  • Samsung galaxy s2 wont start ?

    hi, my galaxy s2 wont start after changing battery, if i plug the charger in i still get a blank screen no charging symbol nothing i have tried removing battery and trying another battery but still nothing, i have also tried holding down volume, home and on buttons but still nothing. please help.

  • Should I get the Samsung galaxy note or galaxy nexus or Sony Xperia s ?

    Please tell me the pros and cons of each one !

  • Samsung Galaxy S II or HTC Sensation XE?

    I am very impressed with how Samsung Galaxy S2 is so thin, but HTC Sensation's thickness isn't so bad either. I'm fine with both phone's design, I just consider the performance. Also, is there any news of any successor to the Galaxy S2?

  • Should i get a phone or tablet?

    Im 14 and dont have a phone anymore just due to the fact i have too much technology lol... But still for christmas i want a phone or a tablet and cant decide which one to get i would either get the sony xperia U or the samsung galaxy 2 7.0 tab but cant decide any ideas would be highly appreciated

  • IPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SII?

    I'm sorry I'm not being lazy but I'M TIRED OF WATCHING AND READING BIASED REVIEWS of Apple Fanboys and Adroid Lovers. Please give me a professional opinion. Here's what I know so far (maybe wrong...): (these things are what I concern the most) iPhone 4S: dual-core 1.0 GHz 500GB Ram 8 MPs with better optic which MAYBE take better picture Retina (I LOVE Retina, can never go back to 3GS) but a lame LCD display only support T-mobile edge network (not even 3G, I use T-mobile) Galaxy SII: Most powerful Adroid phone... even better than the new Galaxy Nexus. dual-core 1.2 - 1.5 GHz 1GB Ram 8 MPs Super AMOLED Plus (which is AWESOME...) but I don't know if the screen look like 3GS or not, because I DO NOT like 3GS screen. I heard people say that you can do lot of cool thing on Adroid, but maybe confusing... because I DO NOT LIKE WINDOW 7 (like after half year of used, don't know where stuffs are....) the only thing I don't like is it made of cheap looking plastic (no I'm very careful, I never use cases, when I buy the $700 phone, I want people to know that i use a $700 phone) I have Macbook, I used iTunes for ages. I don't know how syncing in Adroid work (for Music). Please tell what would you choose if you in my position. And if you want to share some info. on below phones, that's would be awesome! Motorola Droid Razr HTC Evo 4G Galaxy Nexus