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  • Android error message?

    This morning when I turned on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it said: Downloading Do not turn off target !! With a big android symbol. So I took the battery out, put it back in, and plugged it in to charge and it worked again. But I just want to know what this means. Will it happen again? Thanks.

  • My samsung galaxy s2 has a virus that keeps giving me pop ups?

    please tell me how i can get rid of it? i went onto a sketchy website and its happened ever since i've tried the free antivirus stuff and its done nothing thank you

  • How is Samsung S II better than Samsung Nexus? ?

    I know that the S II has a radio while the Nexus doesn't but is there anything else?

  • Best phone under the budget of 15000?

    Hi Friends, Could you please suggest me a mobile phone, under the budget of 15000 Rs. Avinash

  • HTC Sensation Bugs and Problems PLEASE HELP!!!?

    hiya i was thinking of getting the Sensation but i have read on many threads and forums that the sensation struggles with "unlocking the main screen at times" - "the screen can at times be unresponsive" - " loading apps to the unlock ring can prove difficult" - " the sensation can get very very very hot at times" " wifi bluetooth and cellular (2G-3G-3.5G-HSDPA) can drop drastically if not held in an appropriate position"? please can you respond to me and tell me if this is the case as i want to buy a htc but i am not wanting any of theses issues!? if you have a sensation i was wondering if you have seen any software updates that resolve these problems and if you think its a hardware or software problem and if you think that this is a phone worth spending £330 over? also do you think that this is just a problem in the UK or US please help i needed an insight in the phone because i don't want to buy it to get rapid and major problems - also on alot of the forums i have seen that they were posted a while back near june and july a month or two after the phone was realized ( obviously a phone will have a few patchy bugs after its realize) so i was wondering if someone has purchased this phone recently and if they can tell me any problems they have encountered since buying (if they have encountered any problems that is) also do you think that these problems will get resolved in 4.0 ICS? thanks any advice is appreciated and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me "get an iphone or samsung Galaxy 2" because i hate them - they have really bad OS and people always compare the sensation to them which is a joke because the sensation is 10x better than the Galaxy also Samsung never realize updates and patches for their phones meaning that people are stuck with crappy bugs and glitches thanks!

  • Whats better iphone and ipad or galaxy note 10.1 and galaxy s3? 10 points!?

    I dont know what ones i should get. I wanna get the matching pair. Can you connect them to each other wirelessly or what? Which ones would you buy? 10 points for most help

  • What phone should i get?

    im getting a new phone soon and i don't know what to get. i want to be able to have lots of music, Videos, pictures and games. and also free INTERNET.

  • Samsung tab 7.0 or neux 7?

    Guys, Should i buy galaxy tab 7.0 or google neux 7. I heard that both of the tabs are best. But the main con of google neux 7 is the storage. Guys i want a tab which has high specifications,can do hd video recording,can play hd games(without lagging) n do have a super fast browing.... Guys pls help me to chose the tab which is best.. n pls state the reasons..

  • S2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 ! HELP?

    I asked a question about that but I get no convensing answers -_- someone said none, apple or something like that but I asked about samsung! I don't like iphone , ipad and those stuff, and another person said galaxy tab is a tablet and galaxy S2 is a mobile phone well, you're wrong both of them are mobile phones, anywayyy, I just need help because I want to but one of them, help please? :)

  • Is the samsung galaxy s2 for at&t worth buying for full retail price?

    I have 2 choices verizon or go to at&t for prepaid plan. Which is probably going to be better? The only thing making me lean towards at&t is the sgs2.... Otherwise I'd go with verizon. What do you think?

  • Can you tell me that Nexus 4 is better or galaxy s2 is better?

    I want to buy a mobile between nexus 4 and other so can any one tell me the better mobile in same price range in which Google nexus 4 is i.e up to 20000 because my friend is coming from us so he bought for me nexus 4 because right now after its launch from 13 November it is not available in India so early??

  • Should i get the tmobile galaxy s2 (hercules) or wait for the Nexus Prime?

    I have a upgrade coming up! I was wondering if i should get the tmobile galaxy s2 (hercules) i think or september 26 or wait for the Nexus Prime in october? which phone is going to be better?

  • How to change your voicemail on the samsung galaxy nexus?

    I have the same voice mail as a kid and every time I call it it only gives me my new messages and saved messages. Also sights say to call "1" or something that doesn't work can someone tell me.

  • How To Unlock My Galaxy TAB 2 !?

    I Have Pattern Lock On My Tablet One Had Tried Several Time So Its Locked How To Unlock It, Its Having Face Recognisiton Lock Its Saying Wrong Scan ? How To Unlock It Please Help ?

  • What would Happen if i changed my sim card into another smart phone, the phone im using is a smart phone?

    Ok so i have a samsung galaxy s2 what if i buy a unlocked blackberry or iphone what would happen if i put my sim into it? by the way im on a virgin mobile tab so what do you guys think would happen?

  • Android Wifi and 3G Tablet?

    I'm looking to get an Android Tablet. I want a tablet with wifi + 3G but I don't want an IPad. I don't want to spend more than $500 does anyone know a tablet that is like what I'm saying.

  • When will samsung galaxy s2 release in india?

    This is the new variant of the gamaxy range...i heard its released in the USA but not yet in india...any idea when it will release in india???????? Expert opinions plz

  • Are all the apps on Android for Galaxy Tab really free?

    My dad gave me his Samsung Galaxy Tab and all the apps that are also on the iPhone are also free.

  • Should i get the galaxy nexus or galaxy note?

    I just bought the galaxy nexus for 380$ brand new yesterday. And recently i heard that the galaxy note has faster speed. The person that sold me also sells galaxy note and he only has one left. Which is better smartphone? Should i return and buy a galaxy note or keep the galaxy nexus?

  • Does SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 (10.1) has a VOICE CALL option in it?