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  • Which is better mobile.... Samsung galaxy S2 or Sony Xperia S??????

    Which is better mobile.... Samsung galaxy S2 or Sony Xperia S considering all factors.....

  • Can any one present me a galaxy tab 2 and samsung galaxy s3 ?

    please please please.

  • Can you use a phone from sprint on tmobile?

    I want to get the nexuse ice cream sandwich free from sprint and end the contract and pay 300 bucks and use it for tmobile is this possible

  • I am looking for an android OS mobile of range 10000 to 13000. I have 2 choices kindly say which is best.?

    I have 2 choices, one is Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 and the other is HTC Wildfire. So which one shall I prefer. Samsung has more features I suppose. All I need is good user friendly application support with good touch sensitivity and good audio output. I am also looking for durability and easy to use mobile. I will not change my mobile for another 5 years of so. So I really need a good one. Please suggest me some other models too in case if it is of same range and extra featured.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note - Ice Cream Sandwich features?

    Once I upgrade Galaxy Note to Ice Cream Sandwich, will it have Face Unlock, Data Usage section in Settings, new Roboto font and other stuff Galaxy Nexus has? What will be the main changes?

  • Please help me which mobile should i opt for?

    I am looking for an android phone and it should have 3g and mobile fit to my requirement but i am confused will it be ok for long run as many people say nokia is most trustworthy pls tell brand should i go for

  • New mobile phone advice?

    I'm getting a new phone, but I can't decide which is best for the price I can afford. At the moment I'm looking at the Samsung galaxy S2 (yes, S2, not S3), the nokia lumia 900 and the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Out of those, which is better, and do you have any other recommendations? Thanks a lot for your help :)

  • HTC Amaze or Samsung Galaxy S II?

    So I have the G2 and I really like it but it won't charge because the charging port is really cheap and it won't charge if not placed in a certain position; not to mention the battery life sucks. I do like the keyboard but t-mobile is offering me an overrided upgrade since I've been a customer for 7 years and the phone has been pretty bad but my warranty is up. I like both the amaze and the galaxy but I have no clue which one to get. I have until today to choose to get a reduced price. Which one should I get? I know the specs and I know they are both great phones so I don't need anyone saying they are equilly good. I need a good unbiased answer to help me choose. Thanks guys.

  • What is the internal memory given in samsung galaxy tab2 7.0 in INDIA?

    i saw 8gb and also with 16gb on net.what is the model they released in india?

  • What is the difference between a mobile and tablet?

    I recently bought new tablet (samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 android 4.1) thinking of replacing my computer... but then while using.. i came to know that the browser in my android tablet does not still support flash. Yes. i cant play a flash video in my android tablet browser. Even a local china phone with android (Ice cream sandwich) can do every thing what my tab can do. so what exactly is the difference between a tab and mobile other than a bigger screen!? I made a big mistake. now i find it hard carrying around., especially wen making call.. and i get the same feeling as using an android phone.

  • HTC Sensation XE or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

    I'm about to replace my old HTC desire and i have two options available in my budget -HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Premium Headsets -Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 I keep reading reviews however i don't know which one shall i go for?

  • Is the Sony EricssonXperia X10 Mini a good phone?

    I'm looking to get a new phone?

  • Galaxy S3 mini vs. Galaxy Nexus?

    Which one should I get? S3 mini is cheaper by around 120$ here. Also, does Galaxy Nexus run on Jellybean 4.2 Thanks

  • Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?

    I've finally got the go-ahead from the girlfriend to buy a tablet. The Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 are my two final choices. I already know everything there is to know about each tablet. Specs, Android Versions, Rooting procedures, custom ROMs, and what-have-you. The way I look at it: Nexus 7 stays up to date with Android and is PURE Android and has a better processor. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1: 10 inch screen (movies, YouTube, Netflix), SD card slot, and official Cyanogenmod support. Now I've turned to you people for input. What would you guys or gals get? Oh and one is only $50 more than the other so price isn't a big deal.

  • Which mobile is better? HTC Desire/Samsung Galaxy S/Nexus One?

    I am looking to get a new mobile and have seen good deals on the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus One. Can anyone tell me what features on each phone are the strongest and weakest.

  • Best smartphone of 2012?

    I think it's 1. Samsung Galaxy SIII 2. HTC One X 3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus What do you think?

  • Should i buy an iphone 5?

    so I have a samsung galaxy nexus and the new iphone 5 is coming out and from the trailer it looks amazing im especially interested in that type thing from the trailer can you please explain what it is and what's better galaxy nexus or iPhone 5.should I sell my galaxy nexus for like 350 and then buy a iPhone 5 or is the iPhone 5 not worth it I have never had an apple device.

  • Best android smartphone?

  • Where can i get the galaxy live wallpaper from the Nexus one on my Samsung galaxy S?

  • What phone should I get?

    What phone should i get? I used to have a nexus one, the original one... unfortunately the inner screen broke. What cell phone should i get now? i'm for obvious reasons not going with iPhone. i was looking forward to the nexus 4, but it's too big... i'm considering windows 8s or 8x, but i don't know if i should trust windows (considering it has no apps)... WHAT IM LOOKING FOR: **not to big, it has to easily fit in my hand and in my pants, nexus one size was perfect: 119 mm (4.7 in) H ----- 11.5 mm (0.45 in) D *decent system spechs, no need for incredible ones **exterior, i want it to look good, not classy though (like the windows 8s/8x) *not more 450 euro 500 max **good app store