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  • Move application into Sd card?

    How to move all application into SD card in my Samsung galaxy s duos. pls help me.

  • What smartphone should I get?

    I am due for an upgrade and I am making the move to a smartphone, but I'm not sure which to get. My boyfriend has a droid and he says I should stick with a droid, but what about the iPhone?? I am thinking about the droid 3 because it has a slide-up keypad on it. I am a big texter and it would be much easier for me to have an actual key pad instead of it all being touch screen. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much! :)

  • Which phone to suggest to my friend?

    my friend has 27000rs as his budget, he wants to buy optimus 2x but at many sites its price is mentioned around 35000, should he wait for its price drop till june ,or try nexus s as he wants 2.3 android bt nexus has poor camera as compared or should he wait for galaxy s2 , will galaxy s2 price be between 30k-35k, as many websites say its price to be 45000 and some 30k, pls suggest this problem a sol and mention price of samsung to be below 35k or above

  • What are some affordable smart phone that have good performance?

    Hey! so okay, I can't afford anything expensive at the moment, my phone is breaking down so I need one ASAP that enabled me to use twitter, Facebook and instagram. Anyways, I can't afford anything like iphone4 or Samsung Galaxy note. So any ideas?

  • What phone should I buy for my son?

    I wanna get him a nice phone that is not too big for him. Just the right size for a 12 year old to use. Any suggestions anyone? I don't really care much about the price.

  • IBall Slide i9702 OR Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P510 3G?

    I'm buying a Tablet pretty soon, and it's Indian Market I'm talking about. iBall is a decent buy I know. Just that there are no Review Videos out of Slide i9702 as of now. I have no idea about the Interface and Touch Response. It's priced at Rs 15,000 and well with Android ICS as well. No SIM slot though, have to work with 3G Dongles, maybe. (I might use 2G and GPRS only) Now, Sammy Galaxy Tab 2 P510 has a SIM slot and also same ICS. But priced at Rs 26,000. I just want to know, is Samsung WORTH THE BUY? Can I expect Samsung to live longer than iBall? My Tablet usage: (i) I don't like Laptops, so I'm going to use tablet, and maybe a keypad too later. (ii) I have Broadband in my Desktop PC, so all I want is "2G connection from time to time", and that's all. (iii) use it as a good e-book and pdf reader (I'm a research scholar). I know it doesn't beat Kindle Paperwhite though. (iv) a lot of comic books. Graphic Novels. Yeah, that's alright (v) Games. Not all the time. (vi) I might buy a stylus pen soon and start using it as a Graphic Tablet too. Only question is: "what do you think? Should I invest on Sammy for my kind of usage?"

  • What phone should I buy? Galaxy S III or Galaxy Nexus?

    I Can get a Samsung galaxy nexus free on a £21 pm phone contract and I can get a S III for £199 which one shall I get because I can afford the £199 but is it worth it it's on the same £21 tariff

  • Best smart phone to buy?

    Heyy, So my phone contract is up next month and I need to get a new phone, I'm tossing up between either the Samsung galaxy s3, the Samsung galaxy nexus, the iPhone 5, or the HTC velocity. I was wondering which phone would be the best to buy, I will mainly be using it for music, texting, and taking photos or videos with mates and also for Facebook and calls obviously, so which phone is the smoothest and really just the best to get. I'm not that keen on getting the iPhone but if it is better then the others I can consider it. I currently have a HTC Desire and I keep getting notifications that it is nearly full of storage space even though I have like one app and all my photos and videos r on my external memory card, so I don't want another situation like that to occur. Thanks for your thoughts :)

  • What phone should i get?

    ok so ive be speculating on what phone to get for a long time now. its gone from the iphone 4s to the galaxy nexus to the nokia lumia 900. Now its between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note. I realize that the note is huge and im a 14 year old girl but ive heard its really really REALLY good and i really want it. The s3 is a better size for me but i havent heard AS much good reviews as the note. What do you guys think i should get P.s please only choose either the note or the s3 because i really dont care for any other phones but those. Thanks

  • Do you need a contract with the samsung galaxy tab?

  • Unlocked Galaxy tab price in USA... TEN POINTS ON OFFER HERE?

    Can some one tell me the current price of an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. the 7'' one, in the US? (btw: i'm in Sri Lanka and the import prices are exorbitant)

  • Samsung galaxy note or tab 7.7? Which is better in specs and which do you guys prefer? ?

    Deciding between the 2 which to buy..

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Samsung Nexus?

    I was wondering if I should get the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Samsung Nexus, please give your opinions and the pros and cons of each of them.

  • On the top of my screen on my samsung galaxy tab shows a voice mail icon. i cannot get rid of it, please help?

    i try to call voice mail by pressing # and dial but is says 'connection problem or invalid MMi code.' please help. plus do you know what MMI means?

  • Can I use a Sams Galaxy Tab without 3G?

    I'm looking at purchasing a samsung galaxy tab and I've found several for reasonable prices, but they're all sprint or verizon or whatever. If I were to purchase one of these tablets, could I use it without connecting it to a network plan, and just use wifi for internet? I don't want to add another expensive cell service plan, I just want to use the wifi that's already in my home. Is it possible to do this right out of the box? How about if I root the device?? Thank you!

  • How do i download songs into my Samsung galaxy s blaze?

    This is a really stupid question i know but i usually just listen to songs on my phone on YouTube and i would like to listen to songs in the train or my school where the signal is somehow weaker.

  • Can I Video Chat On Skype On My Sony Xperia X8?

    Today (29th September 2011) a new version of Skype for "Android" has been released with more video chat compatible handsets. Is my Handset compatible for video chats ? Where can I find the "Complete" updated list ? Please give me the link.

  • What are the best phones from verizon?

    They can't have to have a data package( internet, like the iPhone) and I lie the full qwerty keyboards but I don't mind touchscreens

  • Should I get a 4g new iPad or a 4g android tablet and get the iPad 4 next year?

    I have a 32gb iPad 2 wifi only. I am wanting to get a new ipad 3 with 4g so I can surf the web when I'm not at my house. I would also need to get a 64gb model because I am constantly having to delete stuff and I recently had to delete my photos from iPhoto to save space. I use my iPad primary for web browsing and sharing my photos. I also have a lot of apps and movies/music. If I get the new IPad I'll have a better screen to share photos with and Internet but it'll cost me $830! I was thinking I could get a cheaper android tablet like the samsung galaxy tab 8,9 lte from AT&T but I won't be able to Transfer my iTunes music easily and I'll have to transfer my photos through my computer. Does the galaxy tab let you share a mobile hotspot what about the new IPad? AT&T said they are working on it but does that mean you'll have to pay extra for tethering? (I want AT&T because I have an AT&T iPhone 4s and They said they will be coming out with shared data plans. I do not want to use the hotspot on my iPhone because I'll have to pay $50 and right now I have the $25 2gb plan and I can't go back to the 2gb I'll have to go to the $30 3gb plan plus no lte.) Or I could get the new iPad and a cheap android tablet because I want to try Android for once instead of being stuck with apple for everything but that would be $830 plus $200-$300 so it would be better to get an android 4g tablet and wait for the iPad 4 or mini.

  • Sprint Phone ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I had an insurance plan with sprint I fried my phone. It was an lg remarq which is not a touchscreen phone. Can I get a touchscreen phone now?