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  • Which tablet is better?

    I was just wondering which tablet is better the ipad2 or the Samsung galaxy 10.1?.....or any other suggestions out there will be helpful..

  • Is there any tab which have long battery life than SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 P3100?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab or Sony Vaio netbook?

    I want to get a small netbook/tablet as my laptop is big and heavy to carry around with me. I just wanted to ask whether i should get a samsung galaxy tab or a sony vaio netbook. The main things I am looking for are a webcam for skype, 3G, and a keyboard so i can type up notes in my lectures (as i am a university student). Thanks for any help :p xx

  • IPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    please i want to know whats the difference between IPad 2 and galaxy tab 10.1 ? and which one of them is better? but please be fair

  • Where can I buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 keyboard dock?

    It seems to be out of stock. Is there any news when it should be available again.

  • I Need help picking the right tablet whats the best tablet out?

    I am really wanting a tablet so i dont have to take my laptop around i like the look of the samsung 10.1 tablet and i need something to carry around for university i am wanting to be able to type up my notes on word processor and i am wanting to be able to use skype so i can videocall family and friends and i need internet outside my house so i am wanting to get the 3g and wifi version in my tablet. I have looked at ipads but i heard that samsung tablet 10.1 has better screen and is better for camera and certain stuff. But i am just wondering if you can use skype videochat because some reviews said you cant and one or two people have said u can use skype videochat , does anyone know if you can? Because thats the only reason why i want the samsung tablet 10.1 for internet , skype and word processor? I am only wanting to spend around £400 max because ipad 2s are really pricey for the 3g versions! So the main things i want is a few good apps , skype videocall, internet and word processor , can anyone give me any good advice ? thanks

  • Should i buy ipad 3 or samsung galaxy tab 7.7?

    which one and why? thank you

  • Can I connect my samsung galaxy tablet to my laptop and use the internet on it through my laptop? If so, how? ?

    Please help :(....

  • What is a good tablet to get?

    OK I know that the new ipad is out and it great and whatever but its expensive as hell and I'm not up for spending that much I'm looking for a tablet that isn't all to expensive and has good performance u know basically to get on the internet and watch videos and.take pics the usual stuff I was thinking about the Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 maybe thinking about.getting it before they ban it or watever but yea any other I should think about

  • Which is the best tablet?

    I've been looking into getting a new tablet for a lot of personal use and I've come down to four different tablets, the new iPad, galaxy note 10.1, nexus 7, and the transformer pad infinity. But I can't decide on which one to get, so that's why I would like your guy's opinions and please answer the following questions for me... 1. Which is the best for intense everyday web browsing? 2. Best for watching movies, t.v. shows, and youtube videos? 3. Fastest performance. Also the benefits and weaknesses of each one. And PLEASE! no fanboys these are all great devices and each have there own advantages. Thank You!

  • Best tablet for taking notes but not typing in the notes?

    What's the best tablet out there to take notes on - I am looking for one with a stylus pen as I hate typing in notes as I am a slow type due to a problem in one of my hands...

  • Questions about the ipad 2?

    I've been wanting an ipad for awhile and my mom said she would get me one for my birthday next month. But I have some questions: 1. Is it a good product? I've also been hearing about the Samsung galaxy tab. Which is better? 2. Can I download my movies and music onto the ipad like I can on my ipod? 3. Is the internet access and quality good? Can I get onto my email, facebook, and youtube? 4. Do you recommend it? Thanks :D

  • Which is the best tablet pc?

    Is IPad still the best? I don't like apple products much, because they don't incorporate flash video. Many websites use flash video, but Steve Jobs doesn't wanna put it into his products, for some odd reason. I may wanna go for a Samsung Galaxy, or a Motorola Xoom. Either of them are awesome, and probably have flash video. I will get a tablet pc in a month or so, but wanna know which is the best one out there, besides the IPad.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab or Nexus7?

    I'm wondering which tabret to buy...Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 or Nexus7... Though I already have Galaxy Nexus,so I feel a little incline to buy Samsung one. But I still cannot decide because Nexus7 is more latest product,and specs like pixels are better. If I buy here,price(Galaxy Tab) is 50$ cheaper than Nexus7. And I also wonder which browsing speed is more higher.... Could you give me any suggestions which to buy?? Thank you so muchie...:D

  • Which one is better, the 10"Samsung Galaxy tablet or the 7" one?

  • Which of these would be the better android tablet?

    Out of the Galaxy tab 2, Galaxy Note 10.1, or the Asus TF700T infinity pad which would be the better tablet. I have an old laptop which is on its way out, so the tablet will replace this, its will be mainly used for the internet, games and the odd bit of work.

  • Whats the best tablet for me?

    Recently decided to not buy the iPad because of the usual thing that Apple does. So I planned on waiting for the 2nd gen iPad that will most likely have a back and front camera and like maybe a little bit more memory or whatever. But I'm really sure when the iPad 2nd will come out, obviously not this year but when in 2011? Because i just looked at the Galaxy Tab by Samsung, and the BlackBerry Playbook. Those two tablets look like they could compete with the iPad. If anyone has any knowledge on release dates, it would be helpful. But I'm looking for something inbetween my 17in laptop, and my phone. I have just a txting and calling phone, simple. But I have a upgrade in Feb. so i'll be getting a BlackBerry most likely, (because I've heard you can get wifi from you smartphone for the BlackBerry Playbook.) I like the usual, good pictures/video, fast, best internet browsing, lots of storage. I can afford any of them, but I just want to see if anyone could recommend or tell me your opinion on whats the best decision for me. I can wait for the iPad 2nd if its really worth it, but like.. whats the best inbetween a.. texting/calling phone,(or in Feb. a blackberry), and a 17in Laptop.

  • Google Nexus 7 Tablet &or any other alternatives?

    I am planning to go for my First tablet PC and my budget is aroung $300. I think Google Nexus 7 which costs $249 for the 16 Gb version would be a good option. How about Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, is it available in 3G unlocked version in US how much does a Unlocked 3G 8 GB one cost? Storage would not be a problem as I would connect a external HDD or pen drives for watching movies through the otg. My requirement is that it much have good battery life, performance &worth it. I must not regret buying the Nexus 7 Tablet.

  • What does tablets for? just entertainment or could they be used as mini laptop?

    I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Firstly, I am not sure whether it is possible to use MSOffice programs on it or not. Can it substitute my heavy old laptop? or it is just for a joy, isn't it? Secondly, what is advantage of 3G version over wifi version? where 3g could be used? does tablets work with simcards? if not, then in wich connection 3g might be used?

  • How do I make presentations with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    I don't want to sound like I don't know electronics, but I was just wondering how to [if possible] to make/present presentations with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. On the tablet's commercial from Samsung, it says it can "make presentations better". Thanks