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  • Will Apple ban the Samsung Galaxy note 2?

    Hi, i'm really interested in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, my friends got the note its amazing and i'm really looking forward to it. I think they are going to unveil it in August. I'm really worried Apple might ban the phone though? They always seem to be getting other manufacturers phones banned, is it because they are better and they are greedy and just want more money? I asked for a phone in a shop last year but I couldn't buy it because Apple had banned it the day before! I don't like iPhones they are overpriced and the screen is too small. So basically will Apple interfere with the new Samsung Galaxy Note?

  • Is it possible to upgrade Android OS on a smart phone?

    I'm planning to buy a smartphone - HTC Desire or SAMSUNG Galaxy S with Android 2.2. However I heard there is a new version of Android that will released later this year to the marked (version 3.0). If I buy a phone now, is it possible to upgrade the OS later? Or is it suggested that I wait for sometime. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • A smartphone for techy nerds?

    I'm going to be buying a new smartphone soon, the one I have now is an iphone but I'm really starting to hate it, I want a smartphone more for techy people. a phone you can imagine a hacker having for instance. I'm looking for a powerful, customisable device that can play videos and music and has a good battery. I've looked at things like the motorola razr would anyone recommend them?

  • Which smartphone should i get... Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Blackberry Bold 9930?

    I have a week to decide but it'd be nice to know before them. Please give pros and cons for both phones. I mainly just text but i really like to be able to access Youtube, Twitter, etc... And that includes overall internet usage. Im not looking at price just quality. Please give imput! Thank You!!!

  • Will MetroPCS Get The Galaxy Nexus????

    i Reaad In A Article Somewhere That They Were

  • Samsung Galaxy s2 vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation XL vs Samsung Nexus Prime?

    Samsung Galaxy s2 vs HTC Sensation XE vs HTC Sensation XL vs Samsung Nexus Prime

  • Why won't Sprint phones receive metro pcs phone calls?

    My mother and cousin have metro and they tried calling and I never received a call and I have a Samsung galaxy nexus 4G LTE on sprint

  • Is the iPhone 5 worth the price compared to phones like HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 etc?

  • Do you think a samsung galaxy s3 case would fit my galaxy nexus phone?

    The Google galaxy nexus is almost the same size as the galaxy S3 so I wonder if the s3 case would fit on my nexus because I can't find a galaxy nexus case

  • Which phone would you use?

    Currently, I have this samsung Intensity. Here are some images of it: Now, I thinking to use a smartphone, so I bought on ebay this samsung i760: Here is some images: Should I stay with my current boring phone or use the smartphone which has windows mobile on it, plus wifi so I don't need a data plan :) But in my opinion, it is a little big. What do you think?

  • Which Mobile is best?

    Now i want buy a new mobile... But iam so confusing which is best mobile... I have select 3 which, which is the best mobile and give me for why this is the best... A) Samsung Galaxy Nexus B)Iphone 4S C)Samsung Galaxy S2 --------------------------------------… And one more doubt... Samsung galaxy nexus has android update for life time or only upto limited versions..

  • Whats the difference between an android tablet and more expensive ones?

    Looking for an e reader for my daughter, but also one for me, and found an android tablet - which would be useful for the internet too, but it is 'android' what is the difference? Do androids work as well as the more exepensive tablets? If i can get a tablet that also works as a reader, so much the better! thanks for your help$ja=cid%3a234787%7ccgid%3a4891610%7ctsid%3a24595%7ccgn%3aStruq_tracker%7ckw%3aTracking+Pixel

  • How to get android 2.2 froyo on samsung galaxy s ?

    I recently got my samsung galaxy s(7/12/10) and it is running on the firmware android 2.1 and i was just wondering how to get the new upgrade to 2.2. I I have tried kies but it says that I have the latest version even though I have 2.1 and the newest is 2.2 Im from the UK if that makes a difference

  • Is it possible to upgrade from my new Samsung exhibit 4g to a samsung galaxy nexus?

    I have had this phone for less than a month, and the new nexus just came out. I want to know if out is possible to exchange for a discounted price our slough I have to pay full price?

  • How is the music experience on Samsung Galaxy S II?

    My contract ends soon and I'm in need of a new phone. Currently I have something very old and I never listened to music on it. N96. So you see, even if its a multimedia smartphone I don't enjoy listening to music on it. I'm very picky here, everything has to be perfect. I have an 8gb iPod Touch and i need MUCH MORE capacity, but I LOVE the music experience you get from Apples Music Players. Now i was thinking... should i wait for the iPhone 5 or should i just get the Galaxy S II?? How is listening to music on it? Is it very responsive? Very fast? Many applications? etc.? What if many things are currently running too? Like playing a 3D game and listening to music?? And what about the Nexus S? How does it compare with the Galaxy S II? Thank you! 10pts for best answer + 5stars

  • Is 4G worth waiting for?

    I'm a customer with US Cellular and they currently do not have a 4G network/4G phones. Latest gossip is they will in January but it's constantly being pushed back. Here's my problem-my current phone (Samsung Acclaim) is AWFUL! And I'd love to get a new one now with the great holiday deals. I'm looking at the Motorola Electrify which seems like an amazing device. I will be under a 2 year contract which is sort of ok because it will be up in time for another set of awesome holiday deals. So my question is-should I wait it out and get in on the 4G action? Or, should I get the good deal phone now? Thanks in advance :)

  • Why isn't my nexus s charging?

    So i had quite a bit of problems with this phone but never with the battery and just today when i plug it in it keeps charging/discharging but itself what can I do. Thank you for all answers I appreciate it :)

  • The ipad or one of the tablet androids i need to know which is best?

    Could you give me some information between the tablets and ipad i need to know what is best thank you

  • Samsung galaxy s2 wont start ?

    hi, my galaxy s2 wont start after changing battery, if i plug the charger in i still get a blank screen no charging symbol nothing i have tried removing battery and trying another battery but still nothing, i have also tried holding down volume, home and on buttons but still nothing. please help.

  • What's the best tablet pc for business use? (e-mails, office apps, travel, connectivity etc)?

    There are quite a few tablet pcs on the market now (iPad, Samsung, Google Nexus etc); I was wondering which tablet pc would be the best for a travelling executive? i.e. used mainly on the go or overseas (desktop/laptop for the desk job still).