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  • Does the samsung galaxy S have siri, or somthing similar?

    is the Samsung Galaxy S has siri , or somthing similar ? I know that S3 does, but so have the S ?

  • Which one is better iphone 4s or samsung galaxy s3?

    which is better in terms of features , applications , voice clarity , battery life etc.etc ... please help me ... I have stuck up between these two phones ...

  • Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy SIII discount?

    So I've been with metro for 3 years and want to buy the s3 galaxies . It's $ 500 in metro, but I want to know is if I can get a discount or even free. Like if I can change my phone but pay nothing or get a great discount and AMS will ? Thank you.

  • What phone should i get?

    What is the best ? SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 or S3 SAMSUNG GALAXY ONE OR HTC X Currently I have the galaxy ace but want a step forward in the quality of the phone. And these 3 took my imagination . What is the best ? ? !

  • Which mobile should I get?

    1) samsung galaxy s3 2) htc cha cha 3) Sony erricson Xperia Play R800 4) Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY Android

  • Should i wait for the galaxy s3 or the iphone 5 next year?

    Which phone should I expect ? I was slightly disappointed with the iPhone 4S announcement, iphone 5 , no larger screen, etc. But vi s2 , and was much better in every way , the only thing I'm sure of is its interface . I've never used a samsung galaxy before and I'm curious how different it is from an iphone ? Currently I have an iPhone 3G ( ******* SO SLOW ) , and lover of the iPhone interface , but I'm not sure what I'm doing with the galaxy . I will be getting either the Galaxy S3 ( out ) or the iPhone 5 (in 2012) . What would you choose and why ? and try to clear up some questions I had before ..

  • Why do people still buy the iphone?

    Why people still buy the iphone when other phones have better specs ? It doesent make much sense to me that somone would for example buy the iphone 4s when for example the Samsung Galaxy S3 . Is it because you prefer to stay on the same platform or somthing else I'm missing ?

  • Should i buy samsung galaxy s2 or s3?

    iPhone does not have a radio, you can not use usb mass depends storage.all itunes .

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy s3 really much better than the Galaxy s2?

    After waiting to see what features would be for the Samsung Galaxy S3 , S2 'm thinking it might still be a very good phone for me for the following reasons .. 1) The price is quite affordable and when released the s3 will probably be around £ 35-40 per month mark . 2) New features such as holding the phone to your ear when text messages automatically call the person , it seems pretty useless to me , it's great , but how often would you use it when it really takes two seconds to do the normal way. 3) The role of eye recognition is good , but again , to get the backlight back all you have to do is touch a button anyway. 4) As im aware , there will be an update available for the s2 update to Android 4.0 ( if anyone has any information about this, please let me know ) I am in no way saying that the S3 is garbage , because it looks like a great phone , all I want to know (any experts out there ) is if the s2 would still be worth getting at the moment, as I think it's still a great phone and the Android 4.0 update could only be better ?

  • Which Cellphone Is Better The IPhone 4s/5 Or The Samsung Galexy S3?

    What cell phone is better iphone4s or 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Why is the best phone that does more

  • How do i upgrade my samsung galaxy s3 to jelly bean?

    How I can update my samsung galaxy s3 in jelly beans ?

  • How good is the music play-back quality on the Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Is it on par with the iPhone ?

  • Android notification bar?

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 a couple of days ago, but I am new to android .... the first day I was showing my new emails in the notification bar , and a small blue light that flashes to let me know that he had new emails ..... I may have changed something in the settings , but can not remember what it was, and now can not get more notifications for my emails .... Can someone please help me with this .... ?

  • HTC one X + vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy note 2 vs Samsung Galaxy s3?

    I made a list of your best to the happiest in my opinion and experience ! Vote for your favorite phone ! Example : ONE HTC X ( and why you like )

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery problem.!?

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 , on Monday . Yesterday I noticed my battery died quickly . I charge as 21:00 and took it at 11:30 . I woke up the next morning at 7 and was reduced to 40 % . I thought maybe my applications were still running and the battery is drained . Today I put it on the charger around 3pm the battery has (9:48) and only 53 % of his . I heard it took a while -ro , but I think this is a bit much . This phone also refebushed if that makes a difference . I was wondering if this is not normal and needs to be taken back . Any response is appreciated. ! Thank you.

  • Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update???

    hi there , I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , I'm in the UK and unlocked still can not get the update of Jelly Bean , I'm in the company giffgaff ( O2 ) , I have rooted the phone software is currently 4.0.4 , id like jelly Bean much when I can get it or do not know why I can not get it , is there any way I can get because I am rooted thanks !

  • Questions about Samsung galaxy s3?

    1 - which is a good portable device considering the enormous size ? Two who remain at all with impressive proccessor ? 3 - should I upgrade to my galaxy s3 mini 2 ? specifications are poor with a 3 megapixel camera and 800MHz processor slow rubbishy two bother me , but considering the galaxy mini 2 actually made ​​the list that is updated Jelly Bean bothers me because it makes me reconsider . 4 is the value of the galaxy s3 price without contract? 5- Finally how to put movies on s3 ? the big screen would be awesome for this.

  • When do you think the samsung galaxy s3 will be out?

    When do you think the Samsung Galaxy S3 is off ?

  • Do not i need i to be worry?

    I buy a new smartphone ( Samsung Galaxy S2 ) , but my contract this phone wil start in February / March I've seen rumors of galaxies s3 . my contract is valid until the end of 2013 , and if you want this phone is good enough for the years that I have my contract.

  • How to upload my mobile photos onto my laptop?

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and want to put the videos and pictures of her on my laptop, but when I connect my phone and I look at the SD card folder is not there. I went into detail about the photos / videos and I know where they are meant to be, but when I go to that particular folder says that there is nothing there. More pictures on my phone are , but all I took last night are not. Anyone know how to solve this? thanks