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  • Samsung Galaxy s3 screen problems?

    I just got my samsung galaxy s3 in the mail I ordered 5 days ago from t -mobile and I realized when I look at a very dark or black screen you can see these little black spots and scratches under the screen . ( Never dropped the phone and bought a case for it) just wanted to no if I was not the only or whether it was factoring ? ? ?

  • Samsung galaxy S3-Can anyone suggest me how to remove clock from the lock screen?

    This phone lock screen time / date / day and the next, some icons are forever. I just want to remove it from the lock screen. Could you please help me solve this?

  • Is there an Adapter for Samsung Galaxy s3 to convert the iphone 4?

    I searched with out getting any answers. I have an iPhone 4, but does not want the iPhone 5 . But I love my dock . I want the Samsung Galaxy S3 , and I wonder if anyone knows if there is an adapter I can get my dock even let you use my iphone with samsung galaxy phone ?

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Browser Brightness?

    Every time I enter the native browser application in S3 . It auto dims the light immediately, even when I'm browsing , but when I quit or go to the application settings of browser, returns to normal . Have I changed or marked a stage perhaps?

  • Samsung galaxy s3 screen problem?

    I have black line running horizontally on the screen of my samsung galaxy s3 and some points when I look at a picture in a dark room black Is this normal or should I take him back to my provider ? Is there something wrong with my phone or this problem applies to owners of other s3 ? please help !

  • Why does my samsung galaxy s3 screen keep turning on and off?

    I have galaxy s3 yesterday and was fine until I got to my charger .. Then the screen started turning on and off and now it does when I try to block it. HELP ! ? !

  • I have a samsung galaxy s3 and i want to change the color of the screen background from black to any color?

    for example , when I go to an email that I would like the screen is white and black is not the same for the setting, can u please help me change the black screen to any color