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  • What is the Best Tablet for Me ?

    I've been looking for a tablet . I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and looking for something to go with it . I am planning to play games , watch movies , etc. I want a tablet that can handle these easily . Looking around I found a couple. First I saw the A2109 Lenovo has good hardware but I am doubtful about the screen . I do not think it will do good game and watch movies. Secondly I saw the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 . Another less CPU tablet well I think the CPU is going to lack of play. And finally , the Nexus 7 good hardware capable of everything I do with a smaller screen . Please help me choose a Add suggestions I 'm looking to stay under 400.00 1)

  • Should i get the i phone 5 or samsung galaxy s3?

    whether large or as I have heard

  • Does samsung galaxy s3 have flash player?

    Do you have flash player ? Do I need to download it or pre - installed ? How I can install? If not then why , because I thought Android devices comes with flash player ? Please answer as many questions as possible . your answers will be appreciated.

  • Does anyone know if and when the Samsung galaxy S3 is coming out but in red?

    I know there is one? White and blue , but someone has an idea of ​​when they're going to come out with a red

  • Which phone is beter , the samsung galaxy ace 2 or the samsung galaxy s3 mini?

    i can get for the same contract , I like all the fetures samsung mini galaxy s3 but uan camera like Samsung Galaxy 2, I want good applications of existence and to be slow and can not Goon the internet!

  • Can you use beats or any other regular headphones on a samsung galaxy s3?

    Im thinking of buying a s3 , but I do not think you can use normal headphones , should be the one given with the phone .

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note?

    I've been wanting the note , but the s3 sounds very sick , I just do not want to wait .

  • Iphone 4s or Samsung galaxy s2 or Samsung galaxy s3 which is the best?

    Its almost time to end my contract that I have had the Samsung galaxy s for 2 years now and I love do not know if I get an iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy s2 s3 someone please help this is the best phone?

  • Should I get an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

    I need a new smartphone , but I do not know what to get. I love the iPhone because of its slippery body and simple structure , but from what I've researched , the Galaxy is better than the iPhone in terms of features and programming . I want to get the Galaxy S3 , but I do not want to be

  • Which phone should I get thhe Samsung Galaxy s3 or Iphone 4s?

  • Is the samsung galaxy s3 better than the galaxy nexus? And what phone plan is it good for those two phones?

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the Galaxy Nexus ? What phone plan is good for the two phones ?

  • Samsung galaxy s3 a good phone?

    I just upgraded my HTC Incredible today for a Samsung galaxy s3 but it will be a day or two before I get my galaxy in the mail . Is it a good phone ? Everyone is talking about it and that was part of my decision to get along with a friend suggesting that

  • Urgent Samsung Galaxy Help?

    I want to customize the home screen and dock icons on my samsung galaxy s3 as I have it .. eg I want to replace the Internet icon on the dock with google chrome . I tried holding down the Internet icon out of the dock but does nothing ! not even let me move! It really bothers me and if you could help me that would be great! thanks :)

  • Is Samsung galaxy S2 a good phone?

    Okay, so I basically have an iPhone 4 . I'd like to try out for Galaxy S2 ! And there was thinking that if I buy the Xperia s No Galaxy S2 ! I'm changing my iPhone for a Galaxy S2 or Xperia S ! But I do not know what 1 to take . So please tell me the good and bad of the S2 and S Xperia fight ! I really need your help guys ! Or should I stay with my 4 IPhone ? Do not tell me to buy the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 ! I am only 13! I do not work Kay . So I need your help guys !

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 a good phone?

    Tomorrow I will get a Samsung Galaxy S3 , but it's a good phone ?

  • Which phone would be batter to me among this phones IPHONE 4s or SAMSUNG GALAXY s3?

    Which phone would be batter to me in the midst of this phone iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

  • Is the samsung galaxy s2 a good phone?

    Again , I want to buy a new phone . I go through them like crazy . Since cnt afford the new samsung galaxy s3 why not get the second . I've heard good and bad reviews too, but I want more opinions before making a decesion . So my coverage would be T -mobile and I want to know is T -mobile good as they say they are

  • Reset network settings on the Galaxy S3? (S III)?

    I just switched from iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S3 . My Wi - Fi does not connect in the last two days , but the first day I got my phone Wi -Fi worked well . I tried to restart many times,