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  • Samsung Galaxy S3 or Nexus 4?

    I've been thinking about getting the S3 for a while now , but recently learned that the Nexus 4 and looks pretty good too ... newest android looks sweet ! But the thing is that the hardware and the price ? I'm also on T -Mobile at this time for you to choose ? Any ideas would be appreciated ! Thank you !

  • How do I rename music on my Samsung Galaxy S3?

    I do not know how to rename music on my phone , downloaded from the Internet , in my old blackberry bold that could easily change the name of the music downloaded from the same website. I can not change the name of the music that was already on the phone when I bought it either. Also, does anyone know how to rename aalbums photos and also create a new album ? Thank you.

  • Give me a good reason to continue using my blackberry curve?

    Now I have an iPhone 4S .

  • Samsung galaxy 3 or wait for iPhone 5?

    I come from a BlackBerry Torch , and want something better. Im leaning more towrd the Galaxy 3, since everyone has an iPhone . But then again maybe that's saying something , so if you have the galaxy 3 How do you like and is too big ? And then , what do you think is better Android or iOS . So let me know what you think :) thanks .

  • What is the best smartphone on the market right now ?

    I'm getting a smartphone in December and I'm wondering which one to get . Hhheellpppp me please!

  • Samsung galaxy S3 or Nexus?

    Hello , I've been thinking about replacing my blackberry with a new phone , and decided to go with the Android platform . I found that I like two phones , the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Nexus . I researched them and found that the link gets updates faster operating system since it is based on pure android 4.1 in place of TouchWiz . But I still do not know what to get, since both phones look like nice , and there are pros and cons to both! So does anyone know what the best experience or similar , since both are very expensive and do not want to do it wrong ? Thanks in advance

  • IPod Touch 5th gen or Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

    Ok so for Christmas I will get one of these devices . I have the sony xperia floors, but if I buy the mini s3 , I will sell this. If I buy the ipod touch 5th generation , I will use the xperia as a wifi hotspot . I will use either for playing video games and web browsing . Overall I prefer Android to iOS , and I like the additional features of the software mini - s3 ( s beam, google now , pop up , etc. . ) However , I like the look and feel of the iPod better and is cheaper . Please help ? !

  • Need help with choosing a good smartphone?

    I will buy a new phone soon and I'm stuck btween the lumnia nokia 900, samsung galaxy s3 , or the Samsung Galaxy Note . Are there any other good smartphones that you could recommend ?

  • New ipad or samsung galaxy note 10.1 ?

    I had every generation of iPhone 1 to iPhone 4 for a good couple of kilos worth of apps in iTunes , but then becomes samsung s2 s3 and then bought the Galaxy Tab also so have many applications to through google store, thing is I want to update my account , either with the new iPad or the Galaxy Note 10.1 not sure what is best for performance can anyone give me some advice ?

  • What would you say is the best Blackberry and why?

    Just curious about whether Blackberry worthwhile or not , thinking of getting one ! detailed explanations , please !

  • Should I get the apple iPhone 4S or the new Samsung GAlaxy S3 when release?

    Should I get the Apple iPhone 4S or the new Samsung Galaxy S3 when release ?

  • Samsung S3 phone breaks when kept in tight jeans?

    Hello .. I am planning to buy Galaxy S3.I I have a doubt if it will break if I keep the phone in my tight jeans and sitting, walking , etc ? wat do u think ?

  • Best 4.3inch smartphone?

    What is the best smartphone with a 4.0 - 4.3inch screen ? I need the best graphics performance for games like , video playback and a good resolution of preference

  • Notifications when in locked mode on samsung galaxy s3?

    Hey guys how I can be notified when in locked mode on my samsung galaxy s3 ? I can get notifications when their emails in blocking mode and the charger is pluged but when I disconnect my notifications stop I, m thinking theres some kind of battery saving thing somewhere, but I can not seem to find lol cheers for any help

  • Samsung Galaxy sIII vs iPhone 4s?

    I will buy any of the Galaxy S3 or iphone4s . I prefer the Galaxy S3 , but it costs € 150 plus with my network provider . Do you think it's worth paying a lot more for it ?

  • I just sold my samsung galaxy s3 can they still have access to my viber acount without my sim card on it?

    I just sold my samsung galaxy s3 can still access my acount viber without my SIM card in it ?

  • Is there a cheaper alternative to an Iphone which is still good?

    I just want a phone that is good for surfing the Internet . Is there a cheaper phone that can compete with the iPhone with surfin . I do not care much for applications . No one knows exactly what they are. I get the impression that only the novelty games and more. thanks

  • First Smartphone? Samsung Galaxy 3?

    I really want a smartphone . I have 14 years and I was wondering how smart I should get for my first phone . I do not want an Apple device because I still I have an iPod touch . I think I should get an Android . Samsung Galaxy S3 seemed was a good year for my first smartphone . Is there another smartphone that would be better ? ? I have U.S. Verizon cell and NO .

  • What Smartphone should i get next?

    I have a blackberry and luckily I'm moving away from it . But now I'm stuck between getting smart I'm not sure if I should get HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Google . So guys should I get ?

  • Can I upgrade my phone to become 4G comparable?

    when a 4G finally available in the UK , there will be a software or hardware upgrade I can do for my Samsung Galaxy S3 to get it working with 4g ?