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  • IPad 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

    Ok so im not sure which to buy since they're the same price for the 16GB model. This is for my dad and he would use them mostly for web browsing and writing emails/documents. He wants one as a substitute to an old laptop. So it also includes downloading videos/music or even torrents straight from the tablet. Technology isnt too much of his thing either so no jailbreaking/rooting because thats too complicated for him. Which would you recommend? Please no Fanboys, i just want valid arguments and final verdicts/opinions 5* for good answer THANK YOU :)

  • What is a smartphone equivalent or better than the iPhone 5?

    My dad told me yesterday that I can have £250 for Christmas -yeabuddy- and I pretty much need a phone (mine got stolen, so I'm using my samsung genio). I'm willing to put money in and I'd love an iPhone 5 but are there any alternatives that are just as good if not better? So far it's pretty much between a Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone but I'm open to suggestions 'cause I've not looked round in depth.. Christmas is an age away anyway! Oh, the iPhone price is pretty much as high a price as I'll go I think (£529). It's also gotta be SIM-free 'cause I'm mid-contract. Thankyou

  • Are there any touch phones which has touch sensitivity like iphone 4 ?

    I mean any android phone. Apple even has the smooth gliding technology. Many android phones do not have that. What is that technology? How could apple alone have that even after so many years of the touch phone advent?

  • How much does a 32GB micro SDcard for a Tablet cost?

    I'm debating whether I should buy an 8GB Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and buy a 32GB micro SDcard for it , or if I should just buy a 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab that I found for $299. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is for $250 , so how much is the 32GB card?

  • I just got the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 and want to know how can i get internet without wifi or in a wifi area?

  • Question about the android game Santa's Village?

    In the village there is stuff that keeps.spreading and i'm just wondering what's up with it

  • MTP initialization / MTP connected?

    I have a seven inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, and lately it's being retarded. (It's probably due to the fact that I'm an idiot) Every time I plug it in to charge it, there's a notification that says "MTP Initialization" which quickly changes to "MTP Connected" I have no idea what this means, but it doesn't mean it's charging, because the battery has that little lightning bolt that means it's charging, but there's a big red "X" through it! I've tried getting a new charger, but they don't sell them without the entire there anything I can do??

  • What should i get a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 or a Nexus 7?

    I just had my birthday and with the money i made i can buy either a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 or a Nexus 7. I really want the right choice because usually when i guess i end up getting the wrong one.

  • Disadvantages of rooting galaxy tab 2?

    If i root my tab 2 will i lose any features like online access, updates or apps? Since im connected to a wi-fi will Samsung or Google be able to find out that the tablet is hacked? I want to hack it as there is more things that can be done with the tablet than is already available or intended.

  • What is meant by £50 cashback when you purchase an ipad online? Thats just an example.?

    This is an example of one website I've come across What does that mean???

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Vs. Iphone 4s and Ipad 2/3?

    What can i buy among the Samsung Galaxy Note,Iphone 4s and Ipad 2/3..Which is the best???

  • Is 16GB for a Tablet very small?

    Is 16GB on a tablet a very small amount? How much could it handle? (Any examples?)

  • Is there any tab which have long battery life than SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 P3100?

  • What can i do with the samsung galaxy tab 7.7?

    i am looking for a tablet that helps me read texts and highlight important parts in it as well as taking notes about them so can i do that with the samsung galaxy tab 7.7? and if you have other suggestions then please tell me but don't say ipad, because the screen is a little big for me thank you.

  • Is there something wrong with my samsung tablet's battery life?

    I just bought a Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 and I charged it for a couple hours and it said it was 100% charged. I unplugged it so I could complete the set up process and start customizing it but I checked the battery life under settings and it said that it only had about 25 minutes of battery life on charging and non charging. Is this an error or a serious problem that I've caused by not charging it long enough? Also, is there a way I can increase the battery life?

  • Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 or the new ipad?

    May I know that which tablet will be better?

  • Can I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab as a cell phone?

    If I insert my AT&T sim card into the Samsung galaxy, will i be able to make calls, send texts, etc from my number? My phone is broken and I really want a tablet, so i figured this would be a good compromise.

  • Can I make phone call with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?

    I am interested to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but I don’t know If I can do phone call with it, so can any body tell me, is possible to make PHONE CALL and sending-receiving sms with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, in all operators, like in a cell phone?

  • Katawa Shoujo on Samdung Galaxy Tablet 2?

    ...what the question says... How do I play Katawa Shoujo on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, 10.1 A.K.A Android do i need to download anything? or do something to the game to make it compatible?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab or Sony Vaio netbook?

    I want to get a small netbook/tablet as my laptop is big and heavy to carry around with me. I just wanted to ask whether i should get a samsung galaxy tab or a sony vaio netbook. The main things I am looking for are a webcam for skype, 3G, and a keyboard so i can type up notes in my lectures (as i am a university student). Thanks for any help :p xx