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  • Disadvantages of rooting galaxy tab 2?

    If i root my tab 2 will i lose any features like online access, updates or apps? Since im connected to a wi-fi will Samsung or Google be able to find out that the tablet is hacked? I want to hack it as there is more things that can be done with the tablet than is already available or intended.

  • Im considering buying the samsung galaxy tab 10.1..?

    Im considering buying the galaxy tab 10.1 and i have a few questons about it... 1st to those who have it already...are you satisfied with this product? Does it perform well? Any cons to this product? Would you recommend that i buy it? And if you arent satisfied, whyy? 2nd, im a major skype user..does this tablet support skype video chat? Ive not gotten a clear answer to this..ive heard that the latest skype update enables vid chat for honeycomb 3.1 for the this true? And lastly, does the gps navigation work when wifi is off? I dont understand how that works... if anyone can answer my questions, that'd super awesome! Thanks.

  • If I buy a Galaxy Tab 10.1 this summer, will I be able to get the upcoming Honeycomb or Ice Cream upgrades?

    When Google comes out with new Android operating system, how do I get that new system on my older Tab hardware?

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 commercial?

    What is the song featured in the "Time to Tab - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" commercial?