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  • Was it a mistake to get my boyfriend a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2?

    My boyfriend and I decided to do joint birthday/Christmas gifts this year. He's been earning more money, so he wants to get me something nice. He doesn't want me to spend money on him, but obviously I'm going to! Here's the background: he's obsessed with Google. He pretty much adores anything Google does or makes. So, I decided to get him a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7"), which uses Android. Before I got it I was suggesting different things to him and mentioned a tablet, and he said he would be upset if I got him one because they're too much money. Then he said that he doesn't need a tablet. In the end I got it for him anyway -- no one *needs* a tablet, but once you have one, it's really handy and nice to have. Now I'm just really nervous that he won't like it. He's mentioned before that he wouldn't want the cellular data, since you have to pay every month, so I got it just with wifi. I hate to imagine seeing a disappointed face when he opens it. I would get him the new Android phone or a Wii U, but they're just too expensive for me. To make things worse, I already opened the box because I wanted the tablet to be charged and set up with my internet password for when he opens it. Did I make a stupid mistake in buying this for him? I just really want to give him something he'll enjoy :(

  • What does it mean when a guy accepts your friend request , and then deletes you after you say 'hi' ?

    I added this guy on facebook like 15 minutes ago ( ive been asking about him in the last question ) then after a few minutes he accepted my friend request , i wrote a message saying hi to him , and he didnt see it yet , but after a couple minutes when i was looking through his wall i noticed thag he had deleted me , because the buttion said add friend ? I might have pressed something by accident as im on a samsung galaxy tab , but thats not very likely as i didnt press anything at the time , couldve been his friends ? He pressed the delete function by accident ? Etc , please help ? :( how can i get him to accept my friend request again ? Cheers

  • Ladies do you treat a guy like a pimp if?

    He owns the Droid Bionic or IPhone four. I'm honestly not much too look at but we went to a club called HeBee GeeBeez. I was taking pics of the live band and uploading them to Facebook and the women who seen me were really into it and checkin out my phone and adding numbers to it. One even textd me while we were still there : ) Is a smart phone as good as owning a Bentley or something

  • How can I get my gf to forgive me?

    I love my girlfriend how much she means everything in the world to me and my first love different from the other girls . Ok she is mad about losing my phone ( Samsung Galaxy S3 ) but cool when I got home because she is worth more to me than a phone , I can replace a phone but can never replace . So last night we went on a trip and we lost in JROTC competition and try to cheer her up and she left me and she fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus and I bow my head in it and shake hands we both sleep . We woke up at home , today me and my friend went to get another friend and he could come with us. My friend told me hey go talk to your girlfriend and I went to do it and I knew she say something like I 'll call you later or talk or on facebook and I sleep with her. I said hey our sgt . wants to talk to everyone who went to the competition and headed to school. So I told him he lied to you that our sgt . had to go to school , I wanted to talk to u. (Sounds like a good plan , but I had to call her parents if she could go and not what I expected at all and his parents said I had to call the sgt . ) Now she's mad at me I try to explain yi did that and she I said the large leg this time. Please tell someone to do wat i love her so much that I can not lose . PS: I said that her sisters are like the man of the house than it seems and never expect to call your mom because her sisters trust me .

  • I am buying a new phone soon and I need and opinion on which one to buy?

    So my iPhone 3G is getting pretty old now because everyone has a iPhone 5 or something. I think that iPhones are actually worse since Steve Jobs died . So I do not want to buy a new iPhone and I'm planning to buy a samsung galaxy s2 or s3 's but I've never used one before. I use fido so I'm not switching to Rogers or anything. My friend has a galaxy s2 and looks impressive , but I need an opinion on what to buy . A new iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy and what ? Is there any other phone out there that is amazing that I do not know? So I need a recommendation and what is the price range of samsung galaxy ?

  • Why is my EX interferring?

    I was with my ex for a year and about 3 months and then he pinned me against the wall and the floor, hit me and broke my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the middle because I was texting my partner in him to come to have a drink with us. He did all of those in which he was angry in the face and at one point we were seeing each other all the time and kept arguing because I wanted some time to himself so I agreed to give it some time and we we went away for a while and then we got back together and I have a job that I moved in with him for a short time and moved to his teammates in the weekend so I could get angry and have time for your account, I lost that job and moved in with my grandmother and I got a new job I worked hard to get some decent money and I'm only earning minimum wage (£ 4.98ph) and became very sticky and checked my phone for messages I've made new friends and some old back and he always gave me a lecture about spending time with my friends. I broke up with him cuz I was drowning and I had feelings for someone new. (He also cheated on me several times throughout our relationship and insisted on staying friends with your ex, cuz he used to be a player and virtually everyone in the city has been there at one time or another) Anyway I came across this new type of employability skills when I was out of work and we get along just a little click instantly and told him about my past and how I had spent **** and he looked really really want make me happy. By the time I was in a LDR with a girl from Sweden, but things were not working out and ended things with her (she was very angry). We started spending more time together and he did not ask me out right away because I did not want him to think I was using for sex, etc. .. And one day we were sitting in a cafe having a casual conversation and a laugh and a joke and my ex came and sat with us just random and told him to leave and he said fine, he left and then returned in back and face came just friends (call it N) and said that if you do anything to spoil this relationship I'll break your neck. And I could not believe it! I did not know what to do. N left really annoyed and said this will not work in the city left me on my own and I came home but my ex was chasing me. I managed to talk about N and agreed that we could fix things, but he did not want to be anywhere that could put you in a vulnerable position. So now is not going to come to my house and I have to go to yours which is 30-60 minutes. And the worst is that I'm trying to get my EX interferring but still come to work and talk to me and I get in trouble you've seen my house on several occasions when I will not respond to his texts and I 'm going to live with a friend for a few days because my nans sister is coming to stay and I can not stay with N. It keeps threatening suicide if I say I'm with another person but I do not want to let me continue my relationship with N, because it is the only thing that is causing problems min.