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    so when I turn on my nabi it turns on then it shows my home screen then turns off  then back on and then turns off so I connected it to my computer and it made wiered sounds  and I tried turning it on and it made my computer glich then started to repeat

  • Cell phone batteries

    What's the difference between a removable battery& non removable battery????

  • my phone doesnt turn on

    when i was at  school my phone turned off i turn it back on when i came home i put it on my bed i changed cloths then i checked my phone it was off it was like this for 2 days today is the third day now it doesnt turn on

  • no connection to server error

    I am able to access my email accounts and search via Google,  however I get the above mentioned error when trying to access goggle+ and says check network settings when searching on Google search even though it allows me to search. ....